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This is why air conditioning services are vital for your vehicle

Did you know that when your vehicle goes in for its annual MOT test that your air con doesn’t get checked? This often leaves air con systems neglected and more prone to problems further down the line. This is why it’s important to get an air condition service. During the service our mechanics will ensure that the system is running okay and that enough cool air is being produced. Air cons should get tested every two years. During autumn and winter we don’t use our air cons and as a result up to 20% of the vital refrigerant gas and lubricant can escape through the vents. As a result your air con may not work properly - however, our team can spot problems quickly and solve them for you.

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Air con services that you can trust in Wallingford

Bell Motors are motoring experts with many years of experience - we can work quickly to provide high quality servicing. During an air con service we’ll restore all the vital gases and give your air con system a deep anti-bacterial treatment that will stop bacteria from growing on the vents. This service will leave your vehicle air con feeling refreshed.

Why is an air con service so important?

Aside from cooling your vehicle cabin in the summer - your air con also stops pollen, dust and other debris from entering your cabin through its filter system. This leads to a build up of dirt over time, so, during this service, we can carry out an antibacterial clean. Doing this will keep the cool air flowing into your vehicle when required. If you’d like to bring your vehicle in for an air con service you can book online via our website or call us. We’re open six days a week from Monday to Saturday. You can also use our 24/7 online booking tool to quickly make an appointment online!

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