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People come to our garages for reliable MOT testing and our team in Dorchester are standing by to run your annual MOT test. As an independent business who are passionate about the work we do, we’ll always offer you a competitive price to fix your vehicle should it fail its MOT test. Not only that, but we can also retest the vehicle for you if necessary.

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The importance of annual MOT testing

By law, your vehicle is required to take an annual MOT test if it’s over three years old. During the test, your car will be tested against certain criteria set out by the DVSA. It is completed to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety requirements to be driven on public roads. If you want your MOT test completed to the highest standards it’s important to make sure that you get the test completed at a DVSA approved Test Centre.

This is what happens to your vehicle during an MOT Test

Our mechanics perform a series of safety inspections and tests on your vehicle following guidelines from DVSA. When the test is completed you will be given a certificate or refusal document, depending on whether your vehicle passed or failed the MOT. This document will have notes on what to do after the test has been completed. All of these tests are now computerised and you can view your vehicle’s MOT history online at any time. We always recommend keeping hold of your MOT certificates for the service history of your vehicle. Bell Motors is an independent garage based in Wallingford and can provide MOT testing for a wide range of vehicles. We’re open six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

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